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“Your involvement and commitment to our safety goals and objectives over the course of the past two years has been positively recognized by the entire General Heating and Air Conditioning management team.

On behalf of myself and everyone connected to this project, I want to personally thank you for working tirelessly to exceed our safety expectations under some challenging circumstances. There have been many instances where I believe you exceeded the scope of work expectations of the typical fee-for service safety professional.”


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How long have you been in business?

TriMedia Environmental & Engineering has been in business since 1995. 

How many employees do you have?

We have more than 50 employees.

What is your normal response time to provide on-site services?

Depending on travel distance, our team can be there within 24 hours if the need is urgent.

Do you charge by the hour or the project?

It depends.

In most cases, we provide a proposal and charge on a time and materials basis. However, in some instances, we provide per project billing.

Do you strive to make us self-sufficient so we rely on you less?

Yes, as much as is prudent, we aim to make our clients self-sufficient.

What if I don't see the service I'm looking for on your website?

Shoot us an email at hello@trimediaee.com or give our headquarters a call at 906-228-5125.

We’ll do our very best to meet your project needs! We're also happy to refer you to professionals in our service provider network. 

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