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About this Project

H.B. Fuller retained our health and safety team to complete an overall environmental, health, and safety (EHS) risk assessment at their Michigan Center facility.

In a proactive approach to safety, H.B. Fuller wanted to identify health and safety compliance data gaps and formulate strategies to protect their employees, subcontractors, and the general public.

Gap analysis and risk assessment 

We performed a gap analysis and risk assessment for processes
and locations of concern, evaluating each in reference to 23 aspects of

This assessment entailed:

  • Addressing site-specific hazards
  • Determining PPE requirements
  • Determining the potential severity and probability of hazards, and also the ability to control the hazard

Using the results

Our team used the data that they collected during the assessments to:

  • Identify areas of potential non-compliance
  • Determine risk levels
  • Suggest corrective measures to help achieve compliance and/or mitigate risk

We also evaluated the data to develop a full risk assessment report, consisting of:

  • Assessment results
  • Photographic documentation of site conditions during the assessment, to be used as a communication tool for H.B. Fuller employees
  • Recommended corrective measures and safe work practice recommendations for each finding
  • Comprehensive action plan

We also worked with H.B. Fuller’s EHS staff to create a schedule that licenses process-familiar employees to provide further information to fellow workers if necessary. 

After the assessment, H.B. Fuller was able to formulate strategies to protect employees, subcontractors, and the general public from risks associated with the variety of process throughout the facility.

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