Stay Compliant and Avoid Fines With Expert Wetlands Consulting

Working with wetlands experts on your project can help you ensure regulatory compliance and avoid budgetary setbacks, schedule slowdowns, and restoration orders

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Keep your project plans on track with wetland delineations, monitoring, permitting, and more 

Why wetlands matter

Wetlands are essential environmental features that provide numerous ecological benefits, including:

  • Habitat for fish, plants, wildlife
  • Flood and storm buffers
  • Natural water quality treatment
  • Erosion control

Working with our wetlands and ecological services experts on your next project will guide you through how to help protect these valuable resources — and stay compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. 

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Demystify wetland regulations

Wetlands can be tricky to identify, and the regulations that govern them are complex. That’s why inadvertently overlooking potential environmental impacts — and potential fines — is a real possibility without enlisting the help of a wetland professional.

TriMedia’s environmental experts will:

      • Determine if there’s a wetland on your property
      • Identify and document your wetland boundaries 
      • Conclude whether a project needs wetland permits 
      • Clarify federal, state, and local regulations


Offering valuable support in all phases of wetlands oversight

Our environmental engineers bring more than two decades of experience in wetland identification, delineation and management, environmental permitting and monitoring, and environmental remediation to serve you. 

Whether you have a public or private sector project that needs wetland evaluation, our experts are ready to meet your needs.

Wetland delineation

An effective and accurate wetland delineation sets the rest of your project up for success. Let us take the guesswork out of identifying and marking wetland boundaries for you. Our expert environmental consultants will*:

  • Gather and review resources, including aerial photographs and maps
  • Visit the site to observe whether there are wetlands on and/or adjacent to the site
  • Identify soil sample per wetland parameters
  • Complete narrative and quantitative ratings
  • Classify the wetland
  • Flag wetland boundaries

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*Wetland delineations are most successful between May and October, or after the growing season has begun and prior to fall vegetation dormancy.

    Wetland monitoring

    Once you’ve identified and delineated your wetland, ongoing monitoring helps you protect existing resources and detect long-term changes.

    Our wetland monitoring specialists have the expertise to create and execute a monitoring plan that assess and outlines: 

    • Hydrology, vegetation, wildlife use and soil properties 
    • The wetland’s baseline condition, function, and boundaries
    • Changes detected via growing season observations
    • Other notable long-term trends

    Wetland permitting

    Wetland permitting is full of complexities. Not all wetlands are regulated, and some are exempt from permitting if the property owner keeps the wetland intact and uses it for approved purposes.  

    Our environmental compliance experts will help you determine how your local, state, and federal regulations apply to your project. The TriMedia team of environmental pros will:

    • Support you through the application and permitting process
    • Identify and verify the steps to maintain exempt status, if applicable

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      Wetland restoration

      Reclaiming and restoring a wetland requires extensive wetland management knowledge and, of course, the expertise to identify a site’s unique characteristics. Our environmental experts can help you plan to:

      • Re-establish or rehabilitate an altered, degraded, or destroyed wetland
      • Alter a wetland to make it more habitable to to plants and wildlife

      Our team and certifications

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      Staff scientists
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      Technical support staff

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