The maritime industry is complex, with its own unique challenges. From the cargo ships that transport the goods that keep our nation up and running, to recreational boaters who crowd the nation’s waterways each summer, busy ports and municipal marinas alike face several risks.

The most serious occupational health and safety (OHS) risks range from exposure to hazardous materials and harmful ambient factors like noise and extreme temperatures, to slips and falls, use of dangerous equipment and machinery, and ergonomic-related hazards. Whether shipboard or dockside, it’s critical to identify and address safety and environmental compliance gaps, worker exposure concerns, and unsafe work practices.

TriMedia’s experts take a preventative approach to health and safety. Well-trained employees and a comprehensive OHS plan are key factors in maintaining a safe facility. Here are just a few ways we can help you maintain a safe environment for your customers, cargo, maritime facilities, and crew.

  • Train your employees any time, anywhere. TriMedia’s robust, affordable online training platform, Drive Learning, has hundreds of customizable training courses, from first aid/CPR to hazardous materials to environmental safety. It even offers user-friendly tracking and compliance reporting functions to help you keep up with the many maritime requirements, standards, and guidelines. Onsite, in-person training is also available.
  • Create or improve your safety plan. Lower your risk profile by creating, improving, or implementing a site safety plan, safety data sheets (SDS), and annual maintenance schedules. We can help you develop a five-year projection to keep your dock, ship and facilities systems safe and in working order.
  • Remediate hazardous materials. TriMedia’s industrial hygiene experts understand the pervasive problem of mold in maritime facilities and how to prevent it from spreading. We can also handle asbestos abatement, a common problem in older facilities and storage buildings. TriMedia can even help you develop a plan for promoting a safer, cleaner fuel dock operation that prevents pollutants from contaminating waterways.
  • Prepare for expansion. Construction, expansion, and renovation of maritime facilities brings special challenges. The TriMedia team has a wide range of experience to help your project run smoothly, from demolition, to surveying, to utility and infrastructure mapping, and more.

Amidst all the many moving pieces of running a maritime facility, annual maintenance schedules, employee training, and updated safety signage can fall by the wayside. Every facility — however large or small — could benefit from the expertise of a trusted consultant who understands the industry. TriMedia has locations across the Midwest allowing for timely 24/7/365 response to Great Lakes maritime facilities, shipyards, and vessels. When the safety of your infrastructure, customers and crew is on the line, maritime OHS consultants like those at TriMedia can lower your risks and keep your business afloat.