40-Hour HAZWOPER General Site Worker

About this Project

3M retained our health and safety team to train their maintenance staff in 40-Hour HAZWOPER General Site Worker.

We worked directly with 3M health and safety personnel to design a 40-Hour HAZWOPER General Site Worker training tailored to their facilities, taking into account known safety issues.

The training program was designed to give staff a review of regulations and to establish an understanding of why they were being trained for HAZWOPER.

Our HAZWOPER training technique

Discussions and table-top exercises helped workers understand how to use resources like:

  • Safety data sheets
  • Emergency response guides
  • WISER program
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s online NIOSH Pocket Guide
  • Manufacturer-specific personal protective gear selection tools and guides
  • Other resources available to assist in protection against chemical

And by incorporating videos from the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, participants learned about and discussed events that have happened at other facilities similar to theirs. This gave workers the opportunity to see some of the hazards  associated with chemical processes they work around every day.

The training then moved onto more hands-on training, including full level C and level A PPE dress-outs. Participants were required to use the resources and knowledge gained earlier in the training to address mock hazardous materials spills and incidents relevant to the facility.

By the end of the 40-hour training, employees were participating in a full dress-out mock spill response, putting them in control of the entire process — our instructor was only there as a guide. The participants found this portion of the training particularly valuable because it gives them a feel for what it’s really like to respond to a hazardous materials spill.

We continue to work with 3M to improve and develop their HAZWOPER training program, both for future new hires and those who require refreshers.

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