Industrial Hygiene

GAP analysis, air monitoring, ergonomics assessments, and more

Being aware of workplace hazards is the first step towards protecting your employees from illness and injury, but risk mitigation and regulatory compliance are just as important.

TriMedia’s team of experts will help you to recognize, evaluate, and control workplace risk factors. Whether you’re concerned about OSHA compliance, air quality, community impacts, or just want to improve your safety program, TriMedia can help.

Featured Services

  • Air Sampling
  • Risk Assessments
  • Particulate Exposure Assessment and Monitoring
  • Noise Assessments and Modeling
  • Ergonomics Assessments (Office and Industrial)

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    • Building Hazardous Materials Assessments (Asbestos, Lead, PCBs, Mercury)
    • Asbestos 
      • Abatement Project Design and Oversight
      • Construction or Demolition Personnel Exposure Sampling
      • Analysis and Air Monitoring 
      • Inspections
      • Operation and Maintenance Plans per AHERA
      • OSHA Compliance 
      • Post-Abatement Clearance Sampling and Analysis
      • School Inspections per AHERA 
      • Work Plan Development, Consultation, and Oversight
    • Lead 
      • Construction or Demolition Personal Exposure Sampling
      • Abatement Project Development and Oversight
      • Analysis and Air Monitoring
      • Clearance Air Sampling
      • Inspections
      • OSHA Compliance
      • Work Plan Development, Consultation, and Oversight
      • Preparation of Lead Abatement Design and Bidding Documents
    • Baseline Industrial Hygiene Surveys
    • Air Sampling and Exposure Assessments 
      • Hexavalent Chromium and Metals Assessments 
      • Silica
      • VOCs
      • Site-Specific Chemicals
    • Microbiologic Assessments
      • Sampling 
      • Evaluations 
      • Corrective Actions
    • Personnel Monitoring and Sampling
    • Long-Term On-Site Monitoring and Sampling
    • Indoor Air Quality Assessments 
      • Mold
      • Lead
      • Mercury
      • PCBs
      • Particulates
      • VOCs
      • HVAC Evaluations
      • Employee Questionnaires
    • EPA/DOH Community Air Monitoring and Sampling
    • Emergency Response Services
    • Hearing Conservation Programs
    • SDS Development and Review
    • Regulatory Interpretation
    • Chemical Inventory and Management
    • Corrective Action Plan Development
    • OSHA Negotiations
    • Personal Protective Equipment Consultation and Training
    • Waste Stream Waste Characterization
    • Occupational Health Project Oversight
    • Industrial Hygiene Program Development
    • Employee Training

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We get these all the time. 

    Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! 


    How long have you been in business?

    TriMedia Environmental & Engineering has been in business since 1995. 

    How many employees do you have?

    We have more than 50 employees.

    What is your normal response time to provide on-site services?

    Depending on travel distance, our team can be there within 24 hours if the need is urgent.

    Do you charge by the hour or the project?

    It depends.

    In most cases, we provide a proposal and charge on a time and materials basis. However, in some instances, we provide per project billing.

    Do you strive to make us self-sufficient so we rely on you less?

    Yes, as much as is prudent, we aim to make our clients self-sufficient.

    What if I don't see the service I'm looking for on your website?

    Shoot us an email at or give our headquarters a call at (906) 212-4055.

    We’ll do our very best to meet your project needs! We're also happy to refer you to professionals in our service provider network. 

    Can you do EHS training on-site at our facility?

    Yes, we do.

    When you do an EHS Gap Analysis, do you help us to understand what the order of priorities is?

    Yes, we do.

    Do you have any CIHs?

    Yes. We have three Certified Industrial Hygenists on our team.

    Do you do lead and asbestos abatement?

    We do lead and asbestos assessments, and can also provide project management to oversee abatement done by a subcontractor.

    Can we use your equipment and do our own sampling?

    Due to liability concerns, we do not allow this.

    Do you have your own lab?

    No, we use 3rd party labs.

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