Mining Facility Ergonomics Assessment

About this Project

To assist a mining company with its ongoing efforts to recognize, evaluate, and control workplace factors affecting the health, safety, and productivity of its workforce, our team conducted an ergonomics assessment at its facility in central Arizona.

We sent an ergonomics engineer to the facility and devoted two days to collect data. The assessment focused on manual material handling and vibration operations.

Collecting data for the manual material handling risk assessments included recording video, conducting employee interviews, and collecting force and dimensional measurements that were required to perform analysis.

Data collection for the vibration assessment included exposure monitoring for no less than 60 minutes of heavy equipment use, and 30 minutes of hand tool use, using the Bruel & Kjaer Type 4447 Human Vibration Analyzer and accompanying software.

In an effort to minimize travel costs, we delivered a 2-hour ergonomics awareness training immediately after collecting the data.

We’re intent on proving that reducing ergonomic risk can be practical and cost-effective. The ergonomics assessment was completed in accordance with the milestone schedule and budget established at the onset of the project.

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