Outlook Signature Update

This process has 3 parts. I have done my best to make the directions simple and clear so please read them carefully and completely. If something is unclear or you are struggling don't hesitate to ask for help. This may seem like a lot of work but it will allow us to standardize our signatures and quickly update them in the future.

Part 1

  1. Fill out the information below.
  2. Click "Preview" and make sure everything looks correct. If you need to change anything, make the change and click "Update". The formatting of the preview may look off depending on your sceen size. It should be fine once we import it into Outlook.
  3. If you are happy with your signatures, click "Save" (I recommend saving them in your "Downloads" folder).
  4. After clicking Save, you may be asked to allow multiple downloads by the browser with a pop-up in the upper left. If you are, click Allow and continue to part 2. Photo

Part 2

  1. Copy the text below:
  2. Open File Explorer and paste the above text into the navigation bar (not the search bar) then hit Enter. Photo
  3. On the left side of File Explorer, right click Downloads and then "Open in a new window". Photo
  4. In Downloads, you should see two files named "main_signature.htm" and "reply_signature.htm". If you only see one file or they are both missing, click the "Save" button above.
  5. Drag and drop or copy and paste "main_signature.htm" and "reply_signature.htm" from the Downloads folder to the Signatures folder in the second window. Photo

Part 3

  1. Close Outlook and reopen.
  2. Click "New Email".
  3. From the top toolbar, navigate to Signature->Signatures. Photo
  4. Under "Choose default signature", select "main_signature" from the dropdown for "New messages" and "reply_signature" for "Replies/forwards" then click "Ok". Don't worry that the pictures look squished. Photo
  5. Open a new email and verify that your new signature automatically populates.