Substandard Act or Condition Reporting

Substandard Act or Condition Reporting

This form is to be used to report a substandard act or condition that has not been corrected after a good faith attempt has been made through the normal chain of command to have the act or condition corrected.

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Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

Workers have the right, responsibility, and authority to refuse any work where thereare reasonable grounds to believe it is dangerous to the health and safety of themselves or any person at an Enbridge Worksite.In addition, Workers are responsible to stop any work that they reasonably believe presents an imminent or serious threat to the life or health of a Worker or other person exposed to a hazard, condition or activity.

If a Worker has a safety concern, or refuses work the Worker reasonably believes is unsafe, the Worker shall immediately contact their People Leader before proceeding with the work. All refusals of unsafe work shall be investigated and addressed with the Worker before the work proceeds. If unsafe work conditions, activities or hazards are identified during the investigation, corrective measures shall be implemented to resolve such conditions, activities or hazards before the work proceeds.

Workers also have the right to know about the hazards associated with their workand to participate in the mitigation of the hazards. Any form of retaliation against a Worker who in good faith refuses unsafe work is prohibited.