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Pipeline construction operations are expected to run smoothly with full consideration of environmental and community impact, cost, safety, and tight schedules – not always an easy task during an already complex and delicate process.

Our team can help. 

Our Pipeline Support Services

Planning and Regulatory Approval

A thorough review of potential environmental impacts, what resources you’ll have available, and applicable regulations sets your project up for success.

Our team of environmental experts and project managers will work with you through the complex regulatory and planning process to help get your project off to the best possible start. 

  • Cost control
  • Scheduling
  • Wildlife impacts
  • Endangered species
  • Farmland impacts
  • NPDES permits and requirements
  • SPCC plans and spill prevention
  • Restoration compliance
  • Revegetation
  • Working with landowners

    Project Design and Preparation

    Getting approval for a major project is an exciting time for any operation – but it does mean more preparation lies ahead.

    TriMedia’s experienced 4-way sweep and survey crew will give you the accurate results you need to lay out your final construction route.

    Field Surveys and Staking

    • 4-way Sweep
    • Survey
    • Staking
    • Mapping

    Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

    We will prep your crews for the risky job ahead and manage hazardous materials, making your site as safe as possible for your workforce.

    • Hazard identification
    • Risk assessment
    • Training (site- and project-specific)
    • Hazmat investigations and identification
    • PPE identification and training
    • Hazardous materials management, including identification, handling, and storage


    Experience can go a long way in getting a project done safely and on time with full consideration of the workers, environment, and community.

    Having worked for decades on large-scale construction projects, our certified utility and welding inspectors, safety professionals, and industrial hygienists will help keep your project on track, staying focused on quality and cost control.

    • Water body crossings
    • Dust control
    • Incident investigations
    • Contractor oversight
    • Construction inspection
    • Exposure assessments
    • Community impact studies
    • Vibration monitoring

    Testing and Remediation

    Any potential environmental impact is a pinnacle concern during pipeline construction projects. From hydrostatic testing to conducting water quality studies, our team is fully equipped to follow your project through the home stretch.

    • Hydrostatic discharge water testing
    • Water quality analysis
    • Hydrotesting for discharge system design, implementation, and operation
    • Collection and discharge permitting
    • Water body restoration
    • Waste characterization and disposal

    Utility, Coating, and Welding Inspections

    High-stake construction projects require special attention to quality control. Our certified utility, coating, and welding inspectors have decades of experience across the United States and Canada, giving them full understanding of industry BMPs and ability to effectively communicate between oil and gas companies and their contractors.

    From the initial utility location, staking, and ROW clearing all the way through hydrostatic testing and documentation, our inspectors will ensure the safety of the ROW, structural integrity of the pipeline, and proper environmental remediation.

    Our inspectors provide oversight and documentation throughout the entire project lifecycle:


    • Staking
    • Clearing/ROW
    • Survey and environmental crews
    • Work permits and ground disturbance permits
    • HDD shoring
    • Trenching, jeeping, and lowering in tie-ins
    • Welds, weld maps, and bends
    • Hydrostatic testing
    • Backfilling
    • Cleanup and reclamation

    Our Pipeline Support Services

    Working alongside your crew, TriMedia can offer support on your next project from the planning and permitting process all the way through site restoration.

    Partnering with our clients throughout the entire project life cycle, we remain committed to quality control, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

      Our Team

      • Professional Engineers
      • Professional Surveyors
      • Certified Safety Professionals
      • Certified Industrial Hygienists
      • Certified Welders
      • Certified Welding Inspectors
      • Certified Utility Inspectors
      • HDD Inspectors
      • Staff Scientists
      • GIS Specialists
      • Technical Support Staff
      Certifications and Trainings

      • OSHA 30 hour
      • CPR/first aid
      • Asbestos inspection
      • Confined space
      • Alcohol/drug DOT
      • CPWI
      • NACE CIP
      • OQ
      • Wetland delineator certification
      • Environmental compliance
      • Stormwater inspection

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      How long have you been in business?

      TriMedia Environmental & Engineering has been in business since 1995. 

      How many employees do you have?

      We have more than 50 employees.

      What is your normal response time to provide on-site services?

      Depending on travel distance, our team can be there within 24 hours if the need is urgent.

      Do you charge by the hour or the project?

      It depends.

      In most cases, we provide a proposal and charge on a time and materials basis. However, in some instances, we provide per project billing.

      Do you strive to make us self-sufficient so we rely on you less?

      Yes, as much as is prudent, we aim to make our clients self-sufficient.

      What if I don't see the service I'm looking for on your website?

      Shoot us an email at or give our headquarters a call at (906) 212-4055.

      We’ll do our very best to meet your project needs! We're also happy to refer you to professionals in our service provider network. 

      Can we use your equipment and do our own sampling?

      Due to liability concerns, we do not allow this. 

      Do you have your own lab?

      No, we use 3rd party labs. 

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