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    Job Duties

    Are there non-computer tasks associated with your job? YesNo
    Are there tasks that take you away from your workstation periodically? YesNo
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    What percentage of your time is spent doing the following:

    Step 3

    Please indicate the duration (hours) that you would perform the tasks below on a typical work day.

    Task Breakdown

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    Handwriting notes and documents?

    Using your computer while on the telephone?

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    Step 4

    Mark the areas where you are feeling any discomfort, pain, tingling, and/or numbness:

    Ergonomic Concerns





    Description of Ergonomic Concerns

    Describe how your symptom(s) feel under the following circumstances:

    Does your concern(s) interfere with work?

    Does your concern(s) interfere with life outside of work?

    Does your concern(s) interfere with sleep?

    Step 5

    Please answer the questions about your workstation:



    Is your keyboard comfortable? YesNo
    Can you adjust the height of your keyboard? YesNo

    Computer Screen

    Is the top of your computer screen even with your eyebrows? YesNo
    Does your computer screen have any glare? YesNo
    Are you able to comfortably read your computer screen? YesNo
    Do you have an adjustable document holder? YesNo
    Is your computer screen within arm’s reach from where you sit? YesNo


    Is your chair comfortable to sit in? YesNo
    Is your chair adjustable? YesNo
    Do you know how to properly adjust your chair? YesNo
    Does your chair provide enough back support? YesNo
    Are your feet resting flat on the ground (or footrest)? YesNo


    Do you have adequate space under your desk for your legs? YesNo
    Are frequently used items on your desk within arm’s reach? YesNo

    Step 6

    Please answer the following question below:


    Please provide any additional information related to your ergonomic concerns:

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    Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Ergonomics Preassessment Form. If you have questions, contact us.