Work doesn’t just come to a screeching halt when a blast of Arctic air kicks mild fall temperatures to the wayside. When sub-zero temperatures, persistent snow storms, and bitter wind chills decide to grace us with their presence it is increasingly important for workers to understand how to be protected from the elements.


Take the time to know the risks.



Not only will being overexposed to extreme winter conditions take a toll on employee productivity, but it could lead to serious physical health problems and injuries. Some workers may be at a greater risk for experiencing adverse physical effects due to cold because of age or preexisting medical conditions,  but all employees should be equipped with the proper safeguards. And remember, the risks extend far beyond just hypothermia.


Spend just as much time getting to know your safeguards. 


Preventative measures taken during the winter months can help increase employee productivity and save lives.

Our infographic below will get you acquainted with the risks of working outside in winter weather as well as a few simple tips to help get you through the coldest part of the year healthy and safe.


Winter Weather Safety Tips

created by Hilary L. Smith