Websites are an becoming an increasingly viable resource for current trends in the safety and health industry. We regularly reference them to stay up to date on important issues in the field and to share with our audience. Try as we might, we likely don’t hit on every topic important to you. That’s why we wanted to share our favorite resources with you. has everything you could possibly need from a website about health and safety regulations. Broken down by industry and special initiatives, you can easily navigate to the part of the website you’re going to want to pursue. The website is rich with information, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be a little overwhelming.


Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety’s blog is one of our top resources for up-to-date news on the topic. Their articles are easy to digest and understand. Categorized by safety practices and industry, it’s easy to find what section of the site will pertain to you. They keep it up to date regularly, posting several articles a week. If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, they also host webinars.


EHS Today

We love how EHSToday categorizes their articles by environment, health, and safety. They also have categories for industrial hygiene, construction, emergency management, and PPE. Each feed contains articles and news. You can find exclusive interviews, great insight, and comprehensive explanation of topics written by a team of professionals from different backgrounds. This is one of our favorites because the articles are fun and fast to read while being super informative. The front page features the latest headlines, featured articles, webinars, and hot topics, making it easy to know what is happening in the EHS world at a glance.


Safety + Health

With clean design and a seemingly endless vat of information and resources, Safety + Health Magazine online has an unmatched user experience. They organize articles by news, safety tips, workplace solutions, and resources, making it the perfect place for a quick update on advances in the field. If you’re in charge of health and safety at work, this is definitely one to bookmark or subscribe to.


National Safety Council

The news releases from the National Safety Council is perfect for folks looking for a single stream of news from around the country and NSC statements on important issues. It’s simple, easy to navigate, and provides unmatched insight into timely issues. Delving into the rest of the website, you’ll find training resources, safety tips, and information on the latest safety campaigns.



Industrial Safety & Hygiene News’ website is packed with information that can be applied across all industries; it should be in every EHS professional’s back pocket. There are too many topics to list, but they feature a couple of categories that are missing from the others: psychology, safety culture, and compliance standards. The ISHN website is the perfect resource for anyone looking to maintain a well-rounded safety program for their employees. It’s almost like having an industrial hygienist at your disposal at all times! takes a “no BS” approach to a health and safety website. A clean and simple design makes it easy for visitors to get right down to brass tacks. Started in 2009 as a one-man show, this blog is an impressive collection of resources, articles, and opinion pieces on difficult issues pertaining to safety and risk in the workplace.


These are just a few of many resources out there for EHS professionals – what are some of your favorites?