“Employee wellness program.”

Albeit a buzz term, employee wellness programs can have some serious implications for your operation.

There is no skating around the fact that it can be sizable upfront investment. If properly implemented and maintained, it can seamlessly fit into your existing health & safety program or become the basis of something brand new.

Before you go running for the hills because it is yet another “perk” to fit into an already tight budget, consider this: an employee wellness program can actually save you money in the long run. Lower insurance costs, anyone?


The Benefits


Employee Retention

Think about your turnover rate – could it stand some improvement? Besides having to say goodbye to hard workers, high turnover impacts business efficiency and is extremely expensive. Considering the downfalls, it is worth doing some digging into why employees might leave your company.

Job and workplace satisfaction is a commonly cited reason for parting ways with a company. If an employee feels as though they are valued and appreciated, they are less likely to seek employment elsewhere – and perks like wellness programs can be a great vehicle for employee satisfaction.


Workplace Comradery

There is something to be said for teambuilding at work. It helps you get to know your employees, for them to get to know each other, and helps build a company culture. A health and wellness program can do just that, and it complements existing safety cultures in the workplace.

From the ground floor to the corner office, a wellness program can create a common ground across an entire organization.

Lower Absenteeism

This benefit is cut-and-dry. Healthy people tend not to get sick as often as those with poor diet and exercise habits. That means they will have more consistent attendance. That means more work will get done and your bottom line is as solid as ever.

industrial worker

Happier, Healthier Employees Can Increase Productivity

A lot of factors contribute to optimum productivity, but happiness of your workforce is a big one. One study, published in the Journal of Labor Economics, found that happier people are approximately 12% more productive. While you cannot guarantee happiness in each of your employees, workplace perks can certainly assist.

Helping employees find the right balance of happiness in the workplace can be as easy as showing a comedy film at lunchtime or handing out free candy bars like it’s Halloween. These tactics may be fun, but are relatively short-term solutions that can have short-term results.

Implementing an employee wellness program takes a different approach. Instead of immediately releasing endorphins in the brain by way of chocolate, why not help employees try to get down to the real core of happiness by way of health?

Well-designed wellness programs can result in real lifestyle changes, great workout habits, and close attention to diet. Besides the obvious link between exercise and mood, simply being aware of improvements to health can be a mood-booster. While you cannot force all your employees into adapting a healthier lifestyle, it’s certainly worth a shot.



The cost-savings of implementing a wellness program can manifest itself in higher productivity, lower insurance costs, and employee retention (just like any other health & safety program!). One of the best parts about it is that this is where you can get a little creative – you should craft your very own program to your organization’s interests and budget.

Does your company have a wellness program in place? Let us know in the comments!