With 2020 finally in the rearview mirror, we wanted to take a moment to share our most-read articles from this past year. 

#5 Incident Command System (ICS): The Key to Successful Emergency Spill Response Plan Execution

Developing an emergency spill response plan is one thing, but executing it is an entirely different challenge. Thankfully, the Incident Command System (ICS) can help. In this article, you’ll get an overview of the ICS history and structure — it’s a great starting point for familiarizing yourself with the system. 

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#4 What Healthcare Professionals and Caretakers Need to Know About COVID-19 Respirator Use and Fit Testing

It comes as no surprise that one of our most popular articles from last year was COVID-related. Although CDC guidelines have changed over the past months, this article still contains valuable information about different masks and their ideal applications. 

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#3 Tips for a Successful Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

If you’re purchasing a piece of property that carries substantial environmental risk — think retired gas stations, foundries, factories, and power plants — you might need to complete a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment before finalizing the transaction. This step might seem daunting at first, but going into it well-informed and prepared can make the process go smoothly. 

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#2 Phase I Environmental Assessments: Why a Lender Might Require One Before Securing Your Financing

Have you ever wondered why lenders sometimes require a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) before closing on a piece of commercial real estate? In this guide, we answer some of the most common questions that buyers have about the processes. 

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#1 Environmental Due Diligence Checklist

Coming in at number one is our environmental due diligence checklist. This quick guide covers environmental due diligence basics, from Phase I ESAs to compliance reviews and groundwater remediation. 

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