Energy Industry News and Opinions

Oil & Gas Journal

If it’s only oil & gas news you’re looking for, this is the one to follow. From current events to upcoming conferences, Oil & Gas Journal’s website gathers all pertinent industry information in one spot. They also offer a free magazine subscription, white papers, webcasts, and have a sizable Twitter following. Any way you like to consume your news, they have a way.

Energy Voice

Energy Voice is a great source for world-wide coverage of oil, gas, and renewable energy news. To find the oil and gas news you’re looking for, you can filter by geographic region: Africa, Americas, etc. Most of their articles are quick reads, so it’s a good place to peruse if you’re short on time.

Rig Zone

Rig Zone publishes the typical fare: energy industry news headlines, perspectives, and policy discussions. What makes Rig Zone different is their job board and marketplace.

Energy In Depth

Energy In Depth has an easy-to-navigate, clean interface. Their priority is to educate the public on America’s onshore energy resources. Here’s an excerpt from their “About Us” section: “Energy In Depth (EID) is a research, education and public outreach campaign focused on getting the facts out about the promise and potential of responsibly developing America’s onshore energy resource base – especially abundant sources of oil and natural gas from shale and other “tight” formations across the country.”

World Oil

If you’re looking for big-picture on the oil and gas industry specifically, World Oil is a great resource. Their home page features commodity markets, featured columns, gas prices, and news headlines at a glance. If you can get past the ads, it’s a good site to check in on daily to get a quick overview of the goings-on. If you’re looking to get more specific information, you can choose from categories like offshore, deepwater, shale, drilling, big data, etc. World Oil also offers a free magazine subscription.

Renewable Energy World

There is a lot going on at Renewable Energy World. Articles, blogs, jobs, events, commodity markets, and more all have a spot on their home page. Ads are relatively minimal. Made obvious by their name, they focus on solar, wind, and geothermal technology.

The Barrel Blog

The Barrel Blog is a collection of articles all about global commodity markets: coal, oil, agriculture, gas, etc. Their home page is a single stream of articles clearly marked with the category it falls into. It’s simple to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm users with a busy grid of headlines.

Their parent site,, offers market reports, maps, news alerts, and more premium content for members.

BP Magazine

In comparison to some of the others on this list, BP Magazine is chock-full of great info without a lot of the “noise.” Their articles fall into only four categories: Locations, Conversations, Innovations, and Observations. You’ll find information on gas, wind, and other energy sources. Articles are supported by infographics and photos. BP Magazine is great for a casual reader who doesn’t want the “information overload” of some other industry sites.

Oil & Gas Technology

If you’re looking for a focus on cutting-edge technology in the oil and gas industry, you’re going to want to bookmark this site. There’s a lot to take in, but it’s a great resource for getting ahead of the curve on the latest technological advances in the industry.


Legal Perspectives

Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog

Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog is run by a single author, John B. McFarland. Despite having only a single contributor, this blog manages to update on a fairly regular basis, about 3-4 times a month. He writes in a conversational tone, making his articles less “dry” than some other legal publications you might encounter.

Breaking Energy: Law Firms Perspective

This is actually just a category on a larger site, but we wanted to include it here because this section is updated multiple times a day. Practicing law professionals offer their perspectives and analysis on hard-hitting energy policy here. The articles take a “no-nonsense” approach – it’s rare to come across as much as a photo.  If you’re looking for more long-form content written by law professionals, Breaking Energy is a good place to look.



If becoming an industry influencer is more your speed, check out It’s built specifically for industry professionals to share their knowledge and interact with their peers – think LinkedIn for oil. It operates much like any other social media site, with lively conversations, job boards, and opportunity to make connections. They do add in one really neat feature – an “alumni” section that you can feature projects you’ve worked on and companies you’ve worked with.

Association of Energy Services Professionals Member’s Forum

Members of the AESP have access to a forum to post articles, white papers, and announcements. As a non-member, you can still access the members’ articles and gain perspective from the group. You can also see upcoming industry conferences, register for webinars, and access some free content.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is always a great resource to start and participate in conversations. In addition to connecting with professionals in the energy sector, you can also reach out to consultants who work to support it.


What energy websites are in your bookmarks bar? Let us know in the comments!

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